Boston Child Custody Lawyer

The most contentious matter for divorcing parents is often who will gain custody of the children.  The results of this decision will affect your children’s future in an immeasurable way and is of the utmost importance.  The court will ultimately make its decision based upon what it determines is for the child’s “best interest.”  Parenting plans can be complex and detailed, it is imperative that you have a Boston Child Custody Lawyer who is willing to devote their time and best efforts toward achieving your goals for your children.

In Massachusetts, there are two different types of custody referred when establishing who has custody of the child: physical custody and legal custody.  Physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child is living.  This parent will be the primary custodian, and he/she will provide the home and care for the child where the child actually resides.  The secondary custodian of the child will often be allowed visitation, for example on weekends and holidays, on a schedule to which the parents agree. Legal custody refers to a parent that makes the primary decisions that affect the child’s upbringing.  Often, parents come to an agreement known as joint legal custody, allowing both parents equal input as to the major decisions regarding the child such as religion, education and medical treatment.

The “best interest” standard is highly subjective.  As your attorney, Ms. Nicholson will fight on your behalf, working to convince the Court to implement a parenting plan that will allow you to make the decisions that affect the raising of your child and your child’s future. If you need a Boston Child Custody Lawyer, Contact Attorney Maura Melcher today to secure the best possible future for your child.