Boston Divorce Lawyer

If you are considering getting a divorce, it is a major decision and it will very likely effect your quality of life whether you were married for a year or twenty years.  Mentally, emotionally and even physically things will change as you regain your independence and freedom to make decisions on your own about what is best for you and your family.  Most lives are financially impacted by divorce – the level of impact often depends on whether or not you have a good attorney at your side.  There are many things to consider when deciding whether or not a divorce is the right step for you to take.  The following are some of the bigger items that may be affected that you should be considering before you file:

1. Residence.  Where will you live and can you make the mortgage payment (rent)?  Getting divorced means you are going to be living on your own.  You need to think about how you are going to afford this. Will you keep the marital home? If so, will you be eligible to refinance? Or will you find a new place to live? If so, can you qualify for a mortgage of your own?

2. Children. Living alone may sound like heaven if you have been fighting with your spouse, but if you have children there are many considerations.  You may not see your children every day, in fact, you likely will not.  Each parent will be entitled to some parenting time with the children and whether you have full custody or shared, there will be days when the kids are with the other parent.  Also, you will be losing your free babysitter.  Often one spouse will watch the kids while the other completes chores or works.  This will no longer be the situation and you need to find a new way to make it work.

3.  Retirement plans.  If you have secured a sizeable 401k at your job and feel secure about your retirement, divorcing may upset your plans.  You may have to share a portion of your 401K. Plans to retire early may need to be put off.  After all, you will be living on one income now – not two – and will need to support your own household, even with alimony or child support, it can be tough.

While many divorces become messy and complicated affairs, sometimes a divorce can be achieved quite easily if the spouses are in agreement regarding all of the major issues (children, home ownership, etc.). If you decide you are ready for a divorce, the next step will be to determine what type of divorce suits your situation.  Divorce: What is Right For Me?

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